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Oh! Spicy Chili Paste

Oh! Spicy was created from the experience of those who have been living abroad for a long time.  They look for something unique and when they travel back to Thailand, they want to bring Thai authentic products back to their overseas country.  With this concept in mind, Oh! Spicy was created.

Oh! Spicy will give you the freshest and tastiest products that can't be found anywhere else across the world.  We offer products that bring you a taste of authentic and high quality Thai flavors just as fresh, fragrant and flavorful as if you have just purchased them from a Thai open market. 


Our combination of spicy, tasty flavoring, absolute freshness and convenience of packaging makes our products very unique.  We bring the taste of Thailand across the world to your very own kitchen.  We hope you enjoy our products like we do.


Oh! Spicy comes in zipper bag that is to make them ready to eat at any time and so easy, clean and fresh for today daily life.  >> more

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