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Since the inception of our company in 2010, we have made a pledge to raise our products standard to the highest.  We use only the top quality ingredients and we don't use any MSG, preservative, or artificial flavorings.

Even we are still a young company but we don't neglect to follow the rules and regulations of the safety standard.  We are very concerned about the supply chain, water distribution system, waste management, pest control and energy efficiency.  We educate our workers about personal hygiene and the safety of handling the products to avoid any contamination.  Besides, our water supply has been tested and certified on the regular basis by SGS ( Thailand ).

Because we want to avoid adding the preservative or the chemical in the food which can be toxic and harmful to the consumers' health, we use " Food Irradiation ".  It provides the same benefit as when it is processed by heat, refrigeration, freezing or treated with chemicals to destroy insects, fungi or bacteria that cause food to spoil. During irradiation, the energy waves affect unwanted organisms but are not retained in the food.  Similarly, food cooked in a microwave oven.  It disappears when the energy is removed.  Irradiation has been used and approved worldwide.  Due to the high cost of food irradiation process, " All that spices " seems to be the only food business company in Thailand that uses it.  We proudly stand behind our products.  Quality control is our first priority.

Our products has been certified by the food and drug administration and ministry of technology and energy.







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