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Chili Paste Category


->Categorize by type of chili  


Chili paste made from dry chili, generally its color is red toned after that of chili, hotter than chili paste from fresh chili.  Component of ingredients is mixed into liquid paste. Some of these types may be of little watery fluid. Pastes in this category are such as pink eye (taa daeng) chili paste, òng chili paste, galangal chili paste, spicy minced meat salad (lâap) chili paste and so on.

Chili paste made from fresh or raw chili, its color is green shaded after that of chili, hot degree weaker than category 1. Among these are cayenne (nùm) chili paste, chili paste-fluid crab, ee găy chili paste etc.



Besides, the categorization in accordance with chili type, it can be diversified by the cooker as to their talent and creativity, based on district resources and ingredient modification. (Gan-ní-gaa , 2542; A-nong-sĕe , 2542)


->Categorize by general composition



Standard chili paste: core ingredients are fresh chili, garlic, shrimp paste, dried salted prawn, palm sugar, lime, a little of fish  sauce or this paste to be called shrimp chili paste (náam-prík gà-bpì). The principle of making standard chili paste will be a criterion for any other more chili pastes to follow later. By means, all kinds of chili paste will have condiment in line with accordingly.  Upon modification or addition of ingredients it becomes another new type, yet to be called differently.

Chili paste that applies any other acidic substances than lime, sour fruits like mango, tamarind or veggies as young tamarind leaf in replacement of lime ingredient which will be lowered proportionally. Other ingredients are exactly the same as of standard chili paste. Then it is to call whatever ingredient added up in particular as its chili paste name type for example, tamarind chili paste, mango chili paste, young tamarind leaf chili paste, garcina chili paste so and so.

Chili paste that applies other salty foodstuffs instead of shrimp paste. Those can be pickled salted olive fruit, fermented soybean or pickled been curd. Without any more shrimp paste, to get just enough and not excessively salty, some other ingredients are mixed such as in standard. The name type is also to call following that replaced salty stuff like, pickled salted olive chili paste, pickled bean curd chili paste etc.

Chili paste added an additive above standard of which can be devil’s fig, coriander, galangal, pimp, roe sea crab for instance. And it is usually named by this additive, devil’s fig chili paste, galangal chili paste, roe sea crab chili paste etc. (M.R. Kéuk-rít , 2535)


->Categorize by type of flesh component


  • Flesh regardless of prawn, crab, fish, pork or salted egg nto as an admixture. Board-the-boat (long-reua) chili paste, salted crab chili paste, prawn chili paste, ground fish chili paste, mackerel chili paste, dry chili paste are those some.
  • Vegetarian which has none of meat added in, they are tufu chili paste, sajor caju (angel) mushroom chili paste as such (A-nong, 2543)


->Categorize by its flavor 


  • Harmony of spicy hot, sour, salty and sweet: shrimp chili paste, board-the- boat (long-reua) chili paste or mango chili paste and more.
  • Harmony of spicy hot, sour and salty: pickled fish chili paste for example. (Jaa-rú-wan-ná , 2525) 


 ->Categorize by its cooking method


  • Raw ready to eat, the prearation and pounding are heatless.  Garcina chili paste, mango chili paste, soaked tamarind chili paste are some of those among in this category.
  • Any ingredient to be grilled/burnt/charred, such as chili, garlic, shrimp paste, shallot.  This is to let smoked appetizing smell to chili paste, for example, burnt chili paste (náam-prík-păo), jaew chili paste, cayenne chili paste (náam-prík-nùm) or else more.
  • Fry after pound: ingredients are pounded and then fried with vegetation cooking oil until done and smelly.  After that they are seasoned. Some in this category are fresh tamarind chili paste, board-the-boat (long-reua) chili paste, salacca chili paste and so on. (Wan-la-yaa, 2537)





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