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Chili Paste with Veggies


Mixed vegetables are supplement enriched with nutrition, according to the researcher of Food Product Research and Development Institute, Kasetsart University, who contributed some knowledge in “Chili Paste and Vegetables Combination…Folk Food Value”, of which local veggies can hold back mutagen or carcinogen.


Most of these vegetables are very acquainted to each provincial locality because they are frequently used for food preparation but for city people, they are somehow difficult to find.  Considering their advantages, it is worthwhile to try searching for.


  • Local veggies that help higher restrain of carcinogen are such as land tummy wood (scientific name: Careya Sphaerica), galangal (scientific name: Alpinia Galanga), chee (scientific name: Barringtonia Acutangula), Congo pea (scientific name: Cajanus Cajan), pàk sôm-bpòng, garcina (scientific name: Garcinia Schomburgkiana), green yam bean (scientific name: Pachyrhizus Erosus), len két and acacia (scientific name: Acacia Concinna).


  • Local veggies that help high restrain of carcinogen are such as grà-săng, broomrape (scientific name: Aeginetia Indica), dteen dtào, little watermelon, tao, tian, glàep, naang-laew, bua-pĕuan, sponge gourd (scientific name: Luffa Cylindrica), pàk dtút, pàk wí-maan, pàk săng-pá-yaa-yor, pumpkin (scientific name: Cucurbita Moschata), tamarind, cluster fig (scientific name: Ficus Racemosa), devil’s fig (scientific name: Solanum Torvum), osmanthus (scientific name: Parameria Barbata), Thai ginseng, painted copper leaf (scientific name: Acalypha Wilkesiana).


  • Local veggies that help moderate restrain of carcinogen are such as banana (scientific name: Musa Sapientum), kà-jon, tùa pàk-yaao-daeng, tùa laai, bùk,  bon-dam, pàk kŏh-wong, pàk wăan-bpàa, má-dèua-bplông, man-dtaang, râak- kiw, ling-laao, pàk sàap,  wăai-kŏm, butterfly pea








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